Yesterday we finally arrived at POC21, an accelerator camp for open source, sustainable ideas that aim to have a Proof Of Concept at the end of five weeks for each of the 12 selected projects. We, with Vélo m2, the multi-modular cargo bike were one of the lucky few to be selected between 200 other.

So Saturday morning we did a last check up of all our building materials and electronic parts and head the road to Millemont, a castle near Paris.

inpakken laatste materiaal check fiets komt pas maandag mee

We arrived at what looks like a 17th century Chateau that looks rather impressive. We where immediately asked to join at the Grand Salon to have our first meeting and briefing about what is going to happen. We learned that the idea is to become a working village, where everybody takes up some tasks, so not only co-working but also co-living, we like that idea!

the castle!
After the small talk we hit to our basecamp: tents behind the castle where we find a warm welcome notice and what looks like really awesome beds! No back pain for us this time! But POC21 is not only about engineering, coding and nerdtalk, we have to learn about the environment where we will be working in so we follow our hosts to the wishing tree where we have a neo-hippy moment. One of our engineers feels the need to clime up and it looks like she is already feeling at home.
the wishing tree warm welcome 7 8
No time to settle, we are invited to go to dinner, and let us assure you, it is delicious, great product, soup, cheeses, quiches and a lot of fruit. People who want to cook are invited to help next time. Some of us have found their duty for the next couple of weeks. We take a final look at the castle where the magic is going to happen and head inside to prepare the next day. We sure are excited to start building here, and learn all kind of new things.
look at the castle where the magic happens
For More info: http://poc21.cc/

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