Second day at POC and first full day of work, except we are having brunch at 10 AM because it is Sunday. I woke up a little earlier to go get some blackberries for breakfast. Learning about your environment is as important as working on our project, we heard.


After a great buffet for breakfast we make further acquaintances with the other teams and supporters. We try to find our own place and stumble on the amazing Dueling Horse Lounge where we settle and start working on the battery and social media skills. We are so involved in our new working place that we forget there is a BBQ waiting for us at noon. But before that, we get a first briefing of the day: because it is Sunday, and we don’t have a work schedule yet we are invited to participate to one of the open workshops of the day. Plenty of choice: Making computers out of a jerry can and old parts, burning coffee beans, making kids furniture, working on the safety issues, hacking the dry toillets and building useful general furniture.

work in progressafter the BBQ
One of our team members is interested in hacking the dry toillets, and I was more tempted by building computers out of recup material and jerry cans. Why, because one of our ideas for a module called Electric Troc is to take old computer parts with the bike to places where people need computers and teach them how to build a computer, and basic maker skills. So this opportunity looks perfect to see how an opensource project called Jerry Do It Together already has build more then 200 computers in Africa.

computer 1 computer 2 computer 3 computer 4 computer 5 computer 6

After a creative explosion of ideas on the jerry can we come together before the evening starts to talk about we can manage our community. Two people build a task board where anybody can volunteer and we learn about the community board where we can put ourself on and share our best skills with the others.

Community building village system

At dinner we meet a social designer who explains about her projects concerning civil hacking that make us have all kind of new ideas for our module. We hope to get more of these kind of conversations.

Finally we come back to the lounge where one of our engineers is on fire and starts talking with all kind of people and we meet specialists in electricity, people who already made a bike powered battery and the guy behind open energy monitoring. The future looks bright but now it’s dark and tomorrow we need to be ready to pitch our idea and make bridges with other projects.
For More info: http://poc21.cc/  http://openenergymonitor.org/ youandjerrycan.org/

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