Project Vélo M²

How do you like to consume your energy ? We like to make music, we love to project movies and power 3D printers.


Find our story on facebook. We make energy with bicycles, we call it People Pedal Power. It is fun, join us !


The bicycle is a perfect alternative for transportation in the city. We especially use it to transport our modules on the cargo bike. Like our modules to make cinéma, the other one for 3D printing, or our pride, the energy module.


The energy module makes electricity out of bicycles on rollers. It buffers and it transforms into nice 230V AC. This makes it possible to have energy in the places where you meet people on the bicycle, like parks and other public spaces.






Are you a maker, or someone who wants to get her/his hands useful, does your organisation organises en event ? Connect with us, join us on at OpenFab or one of our events, or become a bénévélo and get to know the Vélo M2 project, hire us for an open-air cinéma or a 3D printing workshop, or even donate to support our projects.

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how does it work ?



Our Vélo M² project has many possibilities in the themes of soft mobility, renewable energy and social cohesion. We’ll describe briefly what events we can organize.


* open-air cinéma, where 4 bikes provide the energy for projecting a film;
* renewable electricity, that can power sound systems, electrical tools, … the limit is the number of people on the pedals;
* mobile 3D fablab, where we design and print 3D objects for bicycle applications;
* coffee bar, serving coffee on the cargo bike in public spaces;
* promo stand, being a mobile promo desk for addressing people on events;
* or anything you can think of, we like to discover new applications !

Lets see how you would like to have your event.

Open-air cinéma
We provide :
– energy platform on cargo bike,
– 4 bicycle stands,
– beamer and sound installation,
– computer with DVD player,
– and animation.
You provide :
– 4 bicycles, find the practical info here,
– and the film, you can get the rights of projection with Liberation Films.

Renewable electricity
We provide :
– energy platform on cargo bike (700W and 1600Wpeak),
– up to 5 bicycle stands,
– normal power plug (230V AC true sin wave),
– or charging station for all types of phone chargers.
You provide :
– 2 à 5 bicycles, find the practical info here.

Mobile 3D fablab
We provide :
– small energy platform on cargo bike,
– one bicycle stand,
– 3D printer,
– computer with sculpting software,
– and 3 hours of animation.
You provide :
– 1 bicycle, find the practical info here.

Coffee bar
We provide :
– cargo bike with Japanese coffee maker,
– and animation.
You provide :
– people.

Promo stand
We provide :
– cargo bike with promo desk.
You provide :
– cargo bike driver, come to a discovery day to learn.

Only the cargo bike
We provide :
– cargo bike, Bullitt Lizzard King .
You provide :
– cargo bike driver, come to a discovery day to learn.

We provide :
– a PR specialist, an energy-geek, an engineering brain,
– access to OpenFab fablab.
You provide :
– an exciting idea.


Why do we charge for events ? We invested about 5000€ of material in the project and we are still improving. Manipulating the system needs some training so we remunerate the benevélos that are helping us out. Also for every few projection we can organize a lower cost projection for organizations that we support !

Open Source Hardware

One of our values is to share what we learn by making our projects open sourced following the principles of Open Source Hardware with our partner in crime OpenFab.

Find our tutos in WikiFab and be welcome to contribute !


about us

Vélo M² is a project of Ciklic vzw.

Ciklic started early 2015 with Florent De Ganck and Milena Sonneveld. Since april 2015 Tom Turcksin joined the Ciklic team. In april 2016 Simon Reijniers joined too. Yannick Schandené is with us on the Vélo M2 project.

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hire us.

knoppen_RentAn event with Vélo M² ? The Vélo M² cargo bike and modules can be rented to be used at your own event. Fill in the from to register your demand click here or go to

knoppen_WorkshopWorkshop 3D printing ? You can contact us for more information on

knoppen_joineventJoin an event ? You can check the availability on the calendar:

Quick guide to renting the open-air cinéma

This is the information for preparing a cycle-in cinéma with the People Pedal Power of Vélo M². Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

The place
We need a space for 4 cyclists, the cargo bike with the modules and a location to hang the screen.

The material
When the event is planned outside, we like to have a rain cover (we are still in Belgium). An electrical plug is not required, but it can be handy.

The bikes
The cinema is powered by 4 cyclists, a priori we ask you to provide 4 bikes on the spot. Bikes cannot have a rear wheel with a quick release system (see pictures below). You need at least one bike with a 26″ wheel, i.e. a mountain bike size wheel. It is advisable to have smooth tires to avoid rolling noise.

See this document : People Pedal Power Practical information

The event announcement
We ask you to put a correct reference on you website, facebook event, poster/flyer with our name Vélo M² and our website


Ceci est l’info pour préparer un cycle-in ciné avec l’installation de People Pedal Power de Vélo M². S’il vous reste des questions, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter sur

Le lieu
Il faut prévoir une espace pour 4 cyclistes, le vélo cargo avec les modules et une emplacement pour accrocher l’écran.

Le matériel
Quand l’évènement se passe dehors, on aime avoir un abris-pluie (on est toujours en Belgique). Une prise électrique n’est pas indispensable, mais peut être pratique.

Les vélos
Le cinéma est alimenté par 4 cyclistes, à priori on vous demande de prévoir 4 vélo sur place. Les vélos ne peuvent pas avoir une roue arrière avec une système quick release (voir les photos plus bas). Il faut au moins un vélo avec une roue de 26″, c’est à dire une roue taille VTT. Il est conseillé d’avoir des pneus lisses pour éviter le bruit de roulement.

Voir ce document : People Pedal Power Practical information

L’annonce de l’évènement
Nous vous demandons de nous référencer correctement sur votre site-web, évènement facebook ou poster/flyer avec notre nom Vélo M² et un lien vers notre site-web