about us

Vélo M² is a project of Ciklic vzw.

Ciklic started early 2015 with Florent De Ganck and Milena Sonneveld. We workt with different people, engineers, entrepreneurs. In april 2016 Simon Reijniers joined too.

VeloM2 group portrait future

The cargo bike is a great alternative for the car in congested cities; with our stackable modules we give sustainable initiatives endless possibilities. Vélo M² (pronounced Vélo em carree) is a multi modular capsule system fitting on cargo bikes. With our energy platform supplied by solar and pedal power you can have the electricity on location to power an open-air cinema, a mobile fablab and much more on top. We bring all these plans to an open source platform and community where anybody can contribute. Cargo Bikes can be used for more then only transport, with Vélo M2 we give the tools to rethink how we interact, move and use energy.

All existing and future modules will be conceptualized and built in a mind-set of sustainable co-living and co-working, reducing waste and CO2 emissions, while encouraging human interaction in an urban environment. The first modules that you will find in our library and being construct are:

  • Replacing Fossil Fuel Generators: an electricity module with renewable energy coming from solar and pedal power
  • For Action: a projection module for outdoor cinemas, a mobile Fablab

The concept and the plans of the modules will be shared in the open-source philosophy. The builds will be made of recup or sustainable materials. With these ideas and plenty other modules in the pipeline, we invite all cargo bike users, fans and makers to make your own module, give a hand to others and have fun making them.

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