Parain of a module

We want to realize a platform of renewable energies and soft mobility, for makers, activist, entrepreneurs and organization that share our values. Our first realization is a mobile renewable energy module on a cargo bike.


Vélo M² is a participative project. With our modular bike we want to create a platform where young creative people and small startups can test their project in a fully mobile and modular environment.

Every big idea starts small, and with our project we want to give you a chance to develop your idea one step at the time. If you have a new great idea, but you don’t have the money or resources to immediately start big, then our platform is perfect for you.

Just imagine a selling booth of your products with a unique design you can bring to all kind of potential clients and test your product audience
Or a performance in the streets that need a small stereo installation or a projector and that you can move around where ever you want.
Small is the new beautiful.

The firstM of Vélo M² – Modularity

The modules are designed to be stackable and (inter)changeble in the inside.


The construction of the modules is explained in the Instructable that you can find on wikifab :
Basic Multi-Modular Frames for Cargo Bikes – Stackable watertight laser cut boxes

The second M of Vélo M² – Mobility

The cargo bike is a great alternative for the car in congested cities. With our cargo bike you can transport any module that has the dimensions of 45x65cm.

_0008Pecha Kucha Vélo M²

So contact us to think together about building your own module.
We will be glad to help you develop your idea.


You can join the Vélo M² ecosystem en become a parain of a module !

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