Your own module ?

Vélo M² is a participative project. With our modular bike we want to create a platform where young creative people and small startups can test their project in a fully mobile and modular environment.

Every big idea starts small, and with our project we want to give you a chance to develop your idea one step at the time. If you have a new great idea, but you don’t have the money or resources to immediately start big, then our platform is perfect for you.

Just imagine a selling booth of your products with a unique design you can bring to all kind of potential clients and test your product audience
Or a performance in the streets that need a small stereo installation or a projector and that you can move around where ever you want.
Small is the new beautiful.

The construction of the modules is explained in the Instructable that you can find here:

Basic Multi-Modular Frames for Cargo Bikes – Stackable watertight laser cut boxes

So contact us to think together about building your own module.
We will be glad to help you develop your idea.


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