Technical specification

The concept

1m2 or 1 square meter = The public space we reattribute with each of the modules

The bike

XYZ CARGO (by N55 with Till Wolfer /



  • Weight: 26kg, size: 245x56x105cm (LxWxH),
  • Optional electric assist motor: 250W/36V hub motor in the rear wheel, 9-12Ah Li-Ion battery, throttle for speeding control; complies to EU-regulations for electric assist motors
  • Price for a fully-assembled XYZ CARGO BIKE:
    1450EU  //  11.000 DKK  
    (incl. VAT)


The Energy module

1 power module = 4 hours of open-air cinéma

  • Energy conservation and conversion for 2kWh
  • Battery of 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 + Inverter 24V 800VA solar*
    * sponsored by Ysebaert

Energy modules - caree

Power generation

1 biker = 50-100 Watt of power production

  • Charging the energy module = pedalling of 7 bikers in parallel during 4h.
    (check first this video if you think people are strong)
  • Renewable energy charging by photovoltaics, wind turbine
  • Monitoring of the energy flow by Open Energy Monitor
Parc Vélo M²
Imagine a warm summer night in a park

The wiring

wiring power moduleDirect link: Energy Module – Electric Wire Scheme – version POC21(2)

Dropbox file (auto-updated: