Vélo M² on events

Climate Express 24-29 November Brussels – Paris

A Second big trip for our modular bike project. Vélo M² will be attending the Climate Express and the Climate Mars on November 29. We don’t know wish module we will be bringing. It could be the cinéma module: Tati mobile to entertain our fellow bikers, or maybe a cooking mobile if we have one running at that moment. More info about the Climate Express can be found here.

Geneden woord 25-27 September Brussels – Mechelen – Antwerp – Breda – Rotterdam

This will be the moment of truth, for one weekend we will travel from Brussels to Rotterdam, stopping in different cities to show of our first full functioning module: Gesneden word, a cross media poetry installation where driftwood and other garbage wood will be cut in poetry with a portable laser-cuter / 3D printer. We are excited as hell to make this happen. Thanks to deBuren and BesteBuren for the support!

POC 21 15 August – 20 September Paris

This will be a game changer for our project. We were selected as one of the 12 project to work 5 full weeks on our bike. Not only is it an open source boot camp with amazing other projects , 60 specialists from over all the world will be coaching us to make our project something amazing to help building a better world! Follow Poc21 here.

Alternatiba 2015 12-13 September Brussels

We will be returning from POC 21 especially to show our project on Alternatiba 2015, a wonderfull event in the hearth of Brussels where 70 organizations and collectives will show that an alternative exist. Alternatiba is part of a global movement all across the world. Follow the Brussels event with this page.

Cyclehack 19-20-21 July Brussels

Cyclehack was an amazing opportunity to show our project to a bike-friendly audience. For one weekend a group of enthusiastic cyclist thought about little hacks to make the life of fellow cyclist easier. You Can find the results on their facebook page, amazing what can be done in one weekend.

Contact us so we can join on your event

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