Open Energy Monitor

We want to know how much energy we produce when we cycle. We knew our friends from Open Energy Monitor made a system that can read energy and show it in a nice way. So we decided to set up the system. Step 1 : The sensors We want to show the power of …

PPP computer charger

The people pedal powered computer charger is a device that harvests human energy to charge a computer. The energy input comes from an ordinary bicycle in a stand that drives a generator. The energy output is the charging voltage of the computer. Find the instructions on WikiFab !

DC connectors

Hier documenteren we onze ervaring met verschillende connectoren voor hoge-stroom DC connectoren. Neutrik : kunnen tot 40A aan, en nog meer, zijn robuust en hopelijk waterdicht. Female plug komt enkel in panel mount uitvoering. Neutrik Cable Mount Loudspeaker Connector Socket, 4 Way, 40A, Screw Down Termination RS-stocknr. 464-684 Neutrik Panel Mount Loudspeaker Connector Plug, 4 …

Organizing a PPP event

Here benevélos can find the necessary documents for organizing a PPP event. Planning a People Pedal Powered Event  People Pedal Power Practical information Preparation checklist The insurance dossier : 20171212-schadeaangifteformulier-vlaamse-polis-vrijwilligerswerk-belfius     * Planning a People Pedal Powered Event * (find the pdf here Planning a People Pedal Powered Event ) Ecology & entertainment. Two words …


Capacitor An electronic component able to hold a charge. It can be used in the same function as batteries with the following differences : + a capacitor is easier to recycle than most batteries (references will follow). + a capacitor can provide and absorb a higher peak power. – the voltage varies with the charging …

Energy module

The energy module allows to treat the power form the PPP bike generators. It buffers the power to keep the supply-demand in balance and it converts the messy DC power to AC 230V power. The inverter we are using is a 24V 800VA Victron inverter.  

OpenFab and WikiFab

One of our values is to share what we learn by making our projects open sourced following the principles of Open Source Hardware with our partner in crime OpenFab. Find our tutos in WikiFab and be welcome to contribute !