A call for bénévélos (bike volunteers)

Hello all bike enthousiasts from around Brussels. it’s been 2 years since our journey started at POC21 and we have exciting times ahead. We are having weekly events all around the city and deposited a Mobile Fablab project with 11 partners. 2017-2018 will be the year for professionalization.

With this in mind we are searching to create an all around BENEVELO: a bike enthousiast that wants to be activily involved in all bike related projects but doesn’t want to be blocked at one organization. 

We know that a lot of you are already involved in one way or another with CycloperativaCyclo BxlCyclo Guerilla BxlPro VeloGRACQCritical Mass BrusselsDioxyde de Gambettes Livraisons à vélo-cargoMolenbike, Local & Fair Transport and other great Bottom up initiatives. We don’t want to be another organization to be using the precious time of those that are already giving their energy for the good cause.

So why don’t we combine forces, and create some great BENEVELO’S in Brussels. If you like the idea share the message or contact us on info@velom2.be

In September we have 10 projections to show the greatness of cargobike transport, pedal power and the bikers spirit, but not enough people to do them all. Help us out!


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