Organizing a PPP event

Here benevélos can find the necessary documents for organizing a PPP event.

Planning a People Pedal Powered Event 

People Pedal Power Practical information

Preparation checklist

The insurance dossier :





* Planning a People Pedal Powered Event *
(find the pdf here Planning a People Pedal Powered Event )

Ecology & entertainment. Two words you won’t see popping up in the same phrase to often. You would say one can’t throw a party without producing waste and consuming electricity but when looking around we see things are changing.

In terms of waste-producing there’s obvious and low-profile solutions, , thinking of biodegradable dishes, buying locally brewed beer.However the electricity consumption has a less on-the-spot solution, considering that not everyone has a decision in the electricity contract at the event location. Producing your own electricity can be an answer to this problem. This is where the energy module of Vélo M2 comes with areal solution.

Pedal power is the key. The electricity is provided by stationary cyclists who are voluntary participants of the event. It has been tested at events with sound installations of 500W, powered by 3 stationary bikes. The energy module is a minimal intrusive, using only 1m2 of space and is transported on a cargo bike.

The People Pedal Power Party concepts involves providing electricity for sound and lighting systems by the energy module and the necessary number of bikes. Announcing you r party as a PPP gives a positive message of being emission free and collaborative, with the Vélo M2 team as with the participants.

Pthe power

Any installation can be powered, the energy module converts the generated energy to a standard plug output (220V AC mains). Knowing that one cyclist can generate about 80W electric power continuously, you can estimate the number of bicycle generation stands necessary. Lighting is generally the biggest consumer at events. For sound installations you should consider only half of the indicated power.


At the JNM Weekend, consuming energy while producing other energy

Pthe pedal

The cyclist who are powering the party can be stationed anywhere near the energy module. When the weather is cold or wet, it’s recommended to prepare a place inside (and saving on heating power). When the weather allows it, the pedals can be installed outside, but staying connected to the event.

tournevieOpening of Tournevie, pedaling inside to produce the music outside!

Pthe people

The idea that one can contribute to the party by providing power, creates a collaborative atmosphere and all participants feel involved at the event. Pedaling can be seen as a perfect excuse to take some time off from the social overflow. Experience shows us that keeping up the power doesn’t need encouragement, people are happy to replace a contributor when asked for.

iMalAt CycleHacks, one person = one 3D printer

Intermezzo : Safety instructions

When the pedals are blocked the safety mechanism starts working. Probably the pedal people are to enthusiast and the system is overcharged. In this case, pedal backwards all together, then continue. The energy module will handle it.

Vélo M2

The vélo

Transporting the cargo bike can seem a hassle, but when you’re used to riding, it can be learned pretty fast. In 15min it is feasible, keeping in mind that the cargo bike gets more stable when charged.

beursThe only thing except other peoples bikes we need for a PPP

The first M (mobility)

Brussels is not the most bike-friendly region, but there are some tools that can help planning the route. The cycle map of Bruxelles Mobilité indicates the streets with pavement, streets that are too steep and the recommended cycling routes. The cargo bike is impressive, even to cars, so you get the space you need more easily.

Biking while 3D Printing, it is possible!

The second M (modularity)

When combining sound with imagery, the experience becomes even richer (think of VJ and video mapping). One of the modules that is part of the Vélo M2 project is the cinéma projection and can be powered by 2 cyclists, another one is the mobile Fablab and can be powered by 1 cyclist.

POCmodulesThe base from where every module starts

One meter square

It takes literally 1m2 for the installation of the energy module and some extra m2 in proximity for the installation of the pedaling people. When organizing a party you can leave one square meter free near to the entrance for the cargo bike and energy module.

JNMboomgaardEven in the middle of the woods, it is possible

To plan a PPP, we like to be informed two weeks in advance. This way we can check out the location and prepare the material. Our price for setting up, surveilling and breaking up the installation is 250€. This can be negotiated for organizations who have the same values as Vélo M².

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