Renewable energy – what can you expect ?

People pedal power is a form of renewable energy, but how much energy can a human produce ?

the numbers
1 cyclist = 100W power generated during 5min
= 75W during 15min
= 50W during 1h
sound system energy used = 1/2 of indicated power (more basses is more power, more volume is more power)
For example a 500W sound system uses generally 250W continuously, equivalent to 3 à 4 cyclists.
1 cinéma projection = 4 cyclists
1 coffee = 20 cyclists for heating (or 1h of cycling for your own)
1 pintje = 1h of cycling to burn the calories

The actual system provides place for 4 ordinary bikes to produce the needed power, equivalent to 300W. The peak power comes to 800W. The plugs are standard mains plugs, with the same quality of current as at home.

There is a possibility to set up a low voltage DC circuit, at 12V car cigarate plug or 24V specific plug. This allows the system to be 20% more efficient.

Find the google sheet with calculation tools :

Salary on pedal energy ?
more numbers
1 day of cycling = 50 W x 8 h = 0,40 kWh
1 kWh = 0,20 €
poverty line = $1.90 a day
cyclists salary = 4% of the poverty line

Sources :


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