Little battery module

Little battery module

*Little battery module* manuel
1. switch the battery on (middle) -> is the LED screen on ?
2. hook up generator bike (normal mains plug) -> do you feel resistance when pedaling ?
3. plug in the 3D printer (plug) or other device (USB) -> is the device powered ?
4. pedal to provide power (pedals) -> is the battery charge staying steady ?
(when in trouble, call)
– there is not enough power > check the gears of the bike
(in worst case, plug the charger in the regular 220V nuclear)
– the voltage limiter is triggered too often > pedal backward, use more power
(in worst case, unhook the voltage limiter and stay below 50V while generating, material needed : english key 10, multimeter)


top left : converter IN
top middel : busbar between IN – OUT – BATTERY
top right : converter OUT 24V
side left : OUT USB and diverse chargers
middel : BATTERY
side right : battery charger (220V nuclear to 28V)






left backside : bike generation power IN (normal mains plug)
left top : converter OUT (24Vout, 8A, 40Vmax, green LED)
left bottom : voltage limiter (4.7Ohm, 56Vsafety, red LED)
middel top : positive bus bar IN (80A diode) – BATTERY (to 10Asafety, LED screen)- OUT
middel bottom : negative bus bar
right : converter OUT (28Vout, USB, 20A, 55Vmax, blue LED)




left : positive to thyristor (40Amax) and zener (56Vtrigger)
right : thyristor to resistor (4.7Ohm, red LED) – resistor to negative bus bar
*when triggered, ask to pedal backwards before restarting generating on the bike*


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