The Electricity Module: Sharing the insides / insights

We are conceptualizing and constructing, designing and building our vital organs at the moment. We want the share the insides and the insights of the energy module with you. If you have suggestions, additions, more efficient ideas, we encourage sharing it with the project, to make a system that is interesting for everyone that will use the energy module to make things happen.

The main feature for the Vélo M2 project is the electricity module that makes us self-sufficient electrically thanks to solar and pedal power. Because we know that Rome wasn’t built in one day, we are building a first version based on a battery without relying to much on energy generation on place. We have now a 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery, the same technology as electric bikes. This battery gives us a total autonomy of 2 movies in combination with the projection module. The charging power of the battery can be provided through a regular socket plug or it can be provided through a controller for solar power or one humans pedal power.

Link to the battery system drawings:
In this process we came across some questions that take us long time to solve, and because our time is counted at POC21 (the exhibition is in 2 weeks) we want to open our Energy Module already and solve it with other electricity experts and cargo bike enthusiasts. Especially people with knowledge about low voltage power electronics.

Our main goal is to build a community of cargo bike enthusiasts that help each other building crazy new modules and design a system where any cargo bike module can be put on any cargo bike. Here at POC21 we are building the mainframe and the first modules, but we think it would be awesome if some people could already help us refining the technical aspect.

If you are a low voltage expert or know one, feel free to share your knowledge. Someone who is available in the next week and can answer on a fast base would be awesome!

Thanks and keep on biking!

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