Pitching the Vélo M2 Project (with DRAWINGS!)


Vélo M2 is a Pedal Powered Multi Modular Cargo Bike Community! As simple as that!
Still questions, come listen about the possibilities….

A Bike can be a great alternative for a personal car
A Cargo Bike can be a great alternative for a transportion car
A Multi Modular Cargo Bike can be a great alternative for any kind of activities that need transport


Vélo M2 project is using the XYZ Cargo Bike by N55 Collective and Till Wolfer (www.xyzcargo.com)


With Vélo M2 we will give you mobility, pedal power and energy (if you build an energy module) and all kind of possibilities you can build yourself or with the help of the community.


How our open source community will work:

You have an idea for a cool module -> post it on the website and ask for help of other builders, cargo bike fans and designers -> get it all worked out on paper -> Build it -> inspire someone else to make his own design


Do You Have already an idea?

ook at what we are planning:

A Cinema module with locally stored energy
An Ice Cream Saloon on a Bike!
A Plumber going to his work!

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