Vélo M2: a platform for cargo bike module builders.

Hello i’m Yannick from Soft Revolution collective.

With 2 other collective (Ciklic and Urban Foxes) we started building at the innovation camp POC21 a cargo bike project called Vélo m2: world’s first multi-modular cargobike

In the beginning we just wanted to build all kind of different modules for the XYZ Cargo Bike designed by N55 and Till Wolfer but our idea got a little bigger and we are working on a community for cargo bike module builders in open source.

The idea is simple: share a common base with the same dimensions and put all our plans online. Invite other people to start thinking about new uses of the cargo bike and make it the most interesting mobile platform in cities.

We are building an energy system with pedal and solar power so you are self sufficient anywhere , a projector module, a mini fablab and a kitchen system to start with. Everything will be put online so you can build it yourself and ask help to the builders. We hope to invite all of you who are interested in building and sharing in open source their plans, making other projects possible and … conquer the world one cargo bike at the time.

At the end of september our platform will launch, but if you are interested to follow our project you can give me your e-mail or follow us on different sites:

WordPress of our engineers: https://ciklic.wordpress.com/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/velom2bxl

Keep on cargo biking

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